Best Soft Golf Balls

Golf is a sport of great relevance worldwide, but it does not have the popularity of others, nor is it practiced massively. It is mainly because it requires many more conditions than any other sport. The most important is the stage since large surfaces are needed for development.

In addition, it requires special tools for its practice, such as sticks or balls. In this article, we are going to focus on the Best Soft Golf Balls.

The ball is the main element of this sport since it is about introducing it into different holes throughout the field with the least number of strokes.

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Best Soft Golf Ball
Best Pick1.Wilson Staff Dx2 Soft
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Best Budget Soft Golf Balls
Budget Pick 2.Srixon AD333
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Best Supersoft Golf Ball
Staff Pick3. Callaway Supersoft
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Best Practice Golf Soft Balls
4.Links Choice 12 Foam Golf Balls
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Best Cheap Soft Golf Balls
5. Second Chance 100 ball
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Best Soft Golf Balls on the market

1.Wilson Staff Dx2 Soft

Best Pick
 Wilson Staff Dx2 Soft best golf soft ball

A ball constructed in two layers for intermediate and advanced players and ideally suited to the short and long game.

It has a good touch for a better feeling on the green (the surface where the hole is located) and exquisite control sensations when marking the trajectory of the shot.

A combination of characteristics allows for outstanding performance, although if the player is looking for specific balls, only for distance or control, these balls are not the right ones.

They are sold in packs of 12 balls, available in white and yellow, in both cases with red accents.


  • The feel of the putter face is incredibly soft.
  • Premium urethane cover ball.
  • The cover lasted a full round without cutting up.


  • The soft feel on offer doesn’t mean you should expect the sort of short-game spin that more premium balls provide on shots into the green

2.Srixon AD333

Budget Pick
Srixon ad333 Best soft golf  balls

The new system of dimples or alveoli, located on the outside of the ball to cause less resistance to the air and that reaches a greater distance, reduces dispersion in flight.

As for the internal size, being more prominent allows you to create effects. The technology used in the cover increases the touch.

The users of these balls highlight their behavior with excellent control and distance. They also affect the superb value for money.

They comment that they are ideal for players of medium or medium-high level. They are distributed in packs of 12 balls and can be purchased both in white and yellow.


  • Provides excellent distance from the tee and on iron strikes.
  • Decent value for money.


  • The logo paint peels off too easily.

3. Callaway Supersoft

Staff Pick
Callaway Golf Super best soft Golf Balls

The level of compression in a golf ball (stiffness of the ball) is 38 points, which allows the player to reach a greater distance with an impact of less force.

They are balls whose design allows a straight flight, helping to improve the precision of the blows. They are recommended by professionals, especially for their long-distance shots’ performance.

Although they are available in various colors (yellow, red, green, white, orange), pink stands out, which makes them attractive only for women since their high quality attracts all kinds of players. Of course, this color makes them very visible and easy to locate. They come in packs of 12 units.


  • It is a golf ball following the quality standards suitable for a high-level golfer.
  • Long-distance shots’ performance.


  • The throw: On throws less than 30 m, this ball lacks grip slightly.

4.Links Choice 12 Foam Golf Balls

These are grade A balls recovered from areas of water or similar. After being subjected to structure analysis and treatments, they return to the market, offering excellent quality at an affordable cost.

Their exterior is “repaired,” so they maintain the core, allowing even beginners to have impressive balls.

It is sold in various colors, from blue, through pink and yellow, to orange. This facilitates your visibility during the game. They come in packs of 12 units.

It is, without a doubt, one of the balls that can offer the best results and at a minimum price. Hence, it is recommended to players who are new to this sport.


  • Fell good off the clubface.
  • Value for money.


  •  Slightly undersized.

5. Second Chance 100 ball

100 Ball Mesh Bag Hit Away Practice Used Golf Balls

They are recovered and adequately treated balls from Nike and other brands. It is the opportunity to have a quality product at a more affordable price.

They are valid for any player, especially those who already know their behavior before being recycled. They are sold in lots of 100 balls, making their cost even more attractive.

These balls are Grade B, recovered in water traps or lakes. Some come with tournament logos or colors, but this is normal for recycled balls.

The most exciting thing is that they offer good performance and positive user ratings, highlighting their price, quality, and quantity.


  • Great deal for those looking to get some cheap balls to practice.
  • Value for money.


  • some ball has defects

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a golf ball?

It is a ball whose diameter must not be less than 42.67 millimeters (mm), nor its weight greater than 45.93 grams (gr).

Modern balls are composed of a core of rolled rubber cord, which gives them elasticity, and an outer layer of plastic. The surface has small dimples, between 250 and 450, that provide stability while going through the air.

What are the characteristics of official golf balls?

We can find a wide variety of golf balls in the market, but not all of them comply with the regulations for use in official competitions.

If it is a question of playing for leisure or as an amateur, we do not need to be aware of its compliance, but otherwise, we must abide by the following rules:

The balls have to be asymmetrical.
Its diameter, at least, must reach 42.67 millimeters.
Weight cannot exceed 45.93 grams.
They have to be able to reach a maximum speed of 76 meters per second.

How many parts does a golf ball have?

Golf balls are made up of two main parts, the core, and the cover. However, in multilayer balls, a blanket is added between both aspects to ensure that after the “hit,” there are no significant alterations in flight. These are the main characteristics of each one.

Core: It is the heart of the ball. It can be liquid-filled plastic or solid rubber.

Cover: It is the outer part. Fundamental in the flight of the ball, where the dimples of the cover and the material of the same have influence.

Mantle: It is a thin layer between the core and the cover. Its purpose is that when hitting the ball, the deformation does not generate an unwanted spin.

It is used on balls with two or more layers. The materials it is made of are ceramic, metal, glass, or carbon, among others.

What is the proper golf ball based on the player’s handicap?

The golf handicap is a numerical measure that indicates a player’s potential ability. It is obtained by subtracting the ideal score of the course from the result obtained by the golfer.

For example, if he presents an 83-stroke card on a par 72 course, the player’s handicap would be 11. Let’s see which balls and characteristics are appropriate according to the handicap: For men, the maximum is allowed is 28. For women, the maximum is 36.

What are the advantages of recycled golf balls?

The advantages of recycled golf balls are many and very important, both for the players and the environment. In this last point, it should be noted that in Europe and the United States, over 400 million balls are lost a year, which can take up to 1,000 years to decompose, releasing toxic substances and metals. It is vital to recovering them.
Golfers, beginners, and amateurs allow them to have high-quality balls at a low price while making the balls they use for training cheaper for professionals. Therefore, it also represents an economic saving, one more reason to buy recycled balls.

How to keep golf balls clean?

Golf balls get dirty while traveling around the course. Therefore, it is advisable to clean them after each game to avoid their performance being reduced in the following uses.

The quickest and easiest way to remove surface stains is to use a cloth or a small towel, in both cases pre-moistened.
Sometimes it is not enough. If the stains resist, we can use a dishwashing detergent or a golf ball bleach.

If the objective is not achieved, it is possible to immerse the balls in water with ammonia, bleach, or white vinegar for about three hours. The surface is then cleaned with a wet cloth.

What are the most recognized brands of golf balls?

Excellence is sought in its articles in a sport as demanding as golf.

Hence, the significant material-producing firms are obliged to evolve their products and provide them with the best possible features, the only way to meet the demands of the players, especially if we are talking about the elite. These are the leading brands:

Wilson: One of the most popular golf balls and clubs brands, although they also produce items for many other sports.

Nike: The great colossus of the manufacture of sports equipment could not be absent. I was also immersed in the evolution and production of golf items. Quality assured and endorsement of great players.

Callaway: A Californian company founded in the early 1980s. Its golf items have a great acceptance in the market.

Srixon: It is an American brand owned by Sumitomo Rubber Industries. It is dedicated to manufacturing golf accessories, which it distributes in the main international markets.

Links Choice: It started as a family business and has grown into one of the most recognized brands of recycled golf balls. A quality job to recover used balls from the most prestigious manufacturers.

What You Should Know About Soft Golf Balls

We will answer some questions to learn more about some exciting aspects of Soft golf balls. In this way, in a market with an extensive offer, it will be easier for us to assess the best options to obtain a good performance in our game, especially if we are beginners and do not know the behavior of the different balls.

Purchase criteria

Your level as a player and your characteristics should set the standard in the choice of balls. According to these conditions, we have to analyze the suitable balls based on the materials and the layers’ construction. Also significant is the stiffness or dimples of the outer shell, essential for the proper flight of the ball.

  • Compression
  • Construction
  • Applications
  • Layers
  • Dimples


The stiffness of the ball core must be taken into account since compression determines the tolerance to impacts and that the ball does not suffer deformations during play.

It is more relevant to the most powerful shots, such as the tee shot on each hole. If you have a fast swing, you need a high compression ball.

In addition, this will help the golf ball to have more excellent durability, and we can use it several times without losing its best performance during the flight.

As a general rule, the compression levels are 70, 80, 90, and 100. This characteristic is essential in multilayer balls.


The number of units available in each batch of golf balls must be considered. Players who are just starting in this sport, or those who are more inexperienced, need a more significant number of balls since they tend to lack the precision of professionals, especially in tee shots.

The games usually have twelve balls, although more units, even one hundred. Color is also essential. Seasoned golfers rarely get into much trouble, but amateurs can pay for their inaccuracy and lose sight of the ball. The most striking tones help in these cases.


Golf ball covers are made of different materials, but the main thing is the number of layers they have, as it determines which ones can best adapt to our characteristics as a player. Better the more layers, unless we are starting in this sport. We can choose between four options:

One layer: They are simple balls generally only used for practice.

Two layers: Recommended for beginners or amateurs, as they allow reaching a great distance and are more complicated.

Three coatings: Less resistant to impacts but more excellent sensations to the player.

Multilayer: Combines space, sensitivity, and durability.


The number of dimples and their dimensions is essential for choosing a ball since they significantly influence the game.

The higher their number, the more stability the ball has while flying. However, in windy situations, balls with fewer dimples and greater weight are recommended, which allows a greater distance to be reached.


It is essential to play golf with balls that make you feel comfortable. After taking the corresponding tests, you must have everything well decided and not change orbs, because your performance may suffer and your chances of winning would be reduced. Bet on them, and your game will consolidate with practice.

Keep in mind that the player’s characteristics are what determine which balls are the most suitable. Perhaps for beginners, it is more advisable to gain meters in each stroke, while the more advanced tend to seek greater precision. In short, you have to try and be guided by the sensations.

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AwardDesignGolf BallsRetailer
Best Soft Golf Ball
Best Pick1.Wilson Staff Dx2 Soft
Check Price
Best Budget Soft Golf Balls
Budget Pick 2.Srixon AD333
Check Price
Best Supersoft Golf Ball
Staff Pick3. Callaway Supersoft
Check Price
Best Practice Golf Soft Balls
4.Links Choice 12 Foam Golf Balls
Check Price
Best Cheap Soft Golf Balls
5. Second Chance 100 ball
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