Garmin TruSwing Review – Will It Improve Your Game?

There are two types of golf: the short game and the long game. If you want to become an expert, you must excel at both. Both should and can be improved.

Hiring a coach to keep an eye on your technique and offer suggestions on how to improve it is one simple approach to improve your swing or putt. This may be pricey. A fantastic alternative is to spend money on a tool that can do the coaching for you.

Garmin TruSwing Review

The TruSwing with TruSwing Garmin You may enhance your swing with the aid of the Garmin App, which will enable you to hit the ball farther and more precisely. To ensure that you have all the necessary information before spending your hard-earned money, we tested one out. You may use the information in our post to help you choose wisely when it comes to finding the ideal tool to enhance your swing.

What is the Garmin TruSwing?

The Garmin TruSwing is a device which attaches to your club to monitor your swing and give you feedback. It comes with the TruSwing Garmin app which can be downloaded to your smart device. This can be downloaded here:

Your swing metrics are displayed on the app and are easy to read and understand at a glance. These metrics can be displayed on your smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, or any other smart device.

You will also have access to 3D animations of your swing with side by side comparisons to better help you understand where your swing is going right and wrong.


The device is easy to attach to your club and sync via Bluetooth with the app.

We had no problems attaching the device to our club, and do not think that you would have any problems attaching the device to your club, no matter its size.

The device mounts below the grip and out of the way of your hands. There is a soft pad around the inside of the clip so that it does not mark the shaft of your club. There is a white line at the top of the TruSwing that you need to line up with the leading edge of the club so that it knows where the club face is.

It is also extremely light, so your swing is not changed as you are using the device.

When comparing the TruSwing to the best golf swing analyzer apps on the market, accuracy of data is one of the key criteria we look at. The setup of the device and calibration to the club face is important when it comes to accuracy and consistency of measurements.

One of the drawbacks to the TruSwing is that it does not require a calibration with the club and relies on your eyesight for correct setup and alignment. This is where the SkyCaddie SkyPro is better in our opinion.

Let’s take a closer look.

Garmin TruSwing Swing Metrics

You can start working as soon as you’ve connected the device to your club and downloaded and installed the app. Every time you swing your club at the ball, the sensor will record your movement. The software will then assist you in comprehending how your swing stats impact ball flight. Metrics like swing tempo, speed, club-path measures, key angles, and much more will be shown to you. Additionally, you may upload this data to the Garmin community website to view additional information and user feedback.

You can upload your data, which means it is kept for you. Additionally, it implies that you have access to your old data, which you may compare to your current metrics to see how you’ve changed over time or what you keep missing. You can also talk about these metrics with any online experts or your online pals.

You may observe your swing and identify your mistakes with the help of the real-time information. To get immediate feedback on one of your swings, you can overlay two of your swings with the 3D animation and compare them side by side. The software will then offer advice on how to strike the ball farther and with greater accuracy.

Although the app offers a wide variety of swing stats, you are forced to make your own interpretations of the data because it doesn’t offer any specific comments. Additionally, it would be beneficial if they provided detailed training advice or exercises you could practise to raise your scores. There is definitely room for improvement in Garmin’s software; perhaps this will be a future project.

Garmin GPS Golf Device Compatibility

You can use the Garmin device in place of your smart device to keep track of your swing during a round. You can combine the metrics and analysis you are getting from each swing with the information you are learning about the course as you navigate it.

Some Garmin GPS units also allow you to view additional wrist-path data. The 3D animation of your swing captures and shows this extra information. This information can be used to determine how your wrist moves throughout your swing. You can better adjust your shot to get the perfect hit every time when you relate this to the path taken by the club and how the ball is struck.

What Else Do You Get?

Along with easy to navigate, at a glance data, you get lots more to help track and improve your swing. The 3D swing metrics include:

  • Swing tempo – the ratio of timing of your backswing to your downswing. A 3:1 ratio is best.
  • Swing speed – the speed of the clubhead when it hits the ball. This determines the distance of your shot;
  • Club path coordinates – see your club path in 3D
  • Club path – illustrates your club’s horizontal motion from overhead. It can be in-out or out-in.
  • Face to target angle – the angle of your clubface in relation to your target path, or the direction the clubface points at the start of the swing. The metric shows whether this angle is open or closed.
  • Dynamic loft – the loft angle of the clubface at impact, plus or minus the loft offset from the shaft lean and club face. That is, angle the club backward and you’ll get more loft offset; angle it forward and you’ll get less.
  • Shaft angle – the angle between the shaft and the ground, measured from the center of the shaft. The Garmin TruSwing measures this at both address and at impact so that you can compare the two metrics.
  • Shaft lean – the forward angle or backward angle you’re holding the club, measured from a 90 degree vertical angle. The Garmin TruSwing measures this at both address and at impact. When measured at impact it determines the amount of dynamic loft in your stroke.

When everything is combined, you get a detailed 3D animation that is unmatched by any other golfing app. Then, you can combine swings side by side using this animation.

The gadget is lightweight and compact in design. Your data can be tracked without the device getting in the way thanks to its unobtrusive design.

The battery life is excellent for a small device. You get up to 12 hours of battery life from the fully rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Additionally, mounting the device on your club is simple. We didn’t have any issues with it, and we don’t think you will either.


We find a lot to enjoy about this product and app. Although it is simple to use and attach, we like its compatibility with other Garmin GPS devices the most. To begin with, while you are on the links, you do not need to keep your phone with you at all times. If you wear a Garmin smartwatch, this is extremely helpful. You can wear the watch on your wrist and receive all the information the sensor provides.

We adore the device’s extensive data output and swing comparisons made side by side. A great tool for any golfer, the online community has a large number of members and can provide you with some genuine insight from those who have been using the device and playing the game for a long time.

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