Best Golf Swing Analyzers

If golf is your game and you’re always on the lookout for new ways to improve your swing, then one of the latest super-tech analyzers might just become your new best bud caddy.

From analyzing your body position on the tee to the speed and trajectory of your swing, golf swing trackers are a great way to have your virtual trainer on the green or in the driving range as you work to develop the technique of a true professional.

From apps to tracker gloves to sensor golf balls, we’re taking a look at some of the best golf swing & game analyzers out there, so you can focus on lowering your handicap and be on top of it. Top of your golf game.

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Our Recommendations Best golf swing analyzer

Best Golf Swing Analyzer
Budget Pick1. Arccos Golf Swing and Game Analyzer
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Best Portable Golf Swing Analyzer
Best Pick2. VOICE CADDIE SC 200
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Best Budget Golf Swing Analyzer
Staff Pick3. Zepp Golf 2 3D Golf Swing Analyzer
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Best Affordable Golf Swing Analyzer
4. GAME GOLF Live Golf Swing Analyzer
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Best Golf Tracking System
5. Arccos Caddy Golf Game Tracking System
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1. Arccos Golf Swing and Game Analyzer

Budget Pick
Arccos  best Golf Swing Analyzer

For performance and a versatile golf swing tracker, you can’t go wrong with our best choice – the Arccos Golf 360. This tiny swing analyzer system gives you 14 super-light sensors (50% lighter than previous Arccos trackers), one for each club in your golf bag.

Plus, thanks to their low profile, they sit on the end of your club without interrupting your grip or your game. The Golf 360 is automatic and hands-free -; no need for in-game marking to start or stop its functions.

So what does the 360 ​​offer? Its mid-range price is undoubtedly enough to allow you to improve your game. The data tracking will enable you to know the best club to use for each shot and understand your game’s strengths and weaknesses.

You’ll need to play with your phone in your front pocket, but hey, what are the bags for? The only real kicker for this smart golf swing trainer is the battery system – each sensor has a built-in, non-replaceable battery, but they last for five years, so that’s a lot of play in between.


  • Hands-free – no need to tag your game
  • Shows your optimal strategy on any hole
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Access to the Arccos Caddy application


  • A sensor for each of your clubs
  • Hands-free and automatic
  • Swing, speed and distance tracks


  • Non-replaceable batteries with a lifespan of five years


Best Pick
VOICE CADDIE SC 200 swing analyzer

And now our Premium pick – the Voice Caddie SC 200 which is a serious swing analyzer that has everything you need to keep your golf game on track.

The SC 200 tops the Gigastore budget, but you get a lot of golf swing trackers for your money. And, with its massive console and remote, it’s synonymous with business.

This is not a clip-on and forgets about this type of golf swing sensor, the SC 200 swing tracker is much more of a virtual trainer as you practice your game.

You need to physically set it up in position before you take your golf course. momentum, but all the effort is worth it. Its radar sensor and barometric pressure calibration allow you to accurately measure the ball transport distance, swing speed, ball speed, and the “smash” factor, all in real-time, with voice control you warning when you play.

The range of functions is easy to control with its remote handset so that once set up on the floor you can play and adjust without interrupting your workout at every hole.

It also comes with three cool modes – practice, target, and random -; to keep things really interesting on the course. We love the SC 200, we love it very much. Our handy guide to the best golf Laser Rangefinders features more great products like this.


  • Audio feedback during playback
  • Track statistics for each club
  • Global data for your last 100 shots
  • Barometric pressure calibration
  • Three different modes of swing practice


  • Instant voice feedback
  • Solid construction for outings on the course
  • Three modes to change your practice


  • Fairly large and requires manual installation on every ride.

3. Zepp Golf 2 3D Golf Swing Analyzer

Staff Pick
Best Budget Golf Swing Analyzer

With the Zepp Golf 360 already easily making part of our review of the best golf swing & game analyzers on the market, what can its update bring to the golf table? Well, we think enough to justify the extra $ 50 or so, which adds to the price.

While keeping the best features of the Golf Mark 1, Zepp has made a few changes and improvements to an already impressive tracking and analysis system.

Another golf swing sensor to mount on your glove, the Golf 2 approaches rather than the larger square shape of the Mark 1, making it slightly less inconspicuous on your hand.

All of Zepp’s key functions are there, with all the analyzed data displayed for your review in easy-to-understand 3D and 360 imaging. This means that you have a really good idea of ​​your typical swing and what you need to improve on.

The plotted data is also precise enough, with additional accelerometers added to this latest model to really pin your swing.

Zepp also fixed some issues related to the battery life of the old swing tracker, the Golf 2 not only offers a longer range, but also a much faster recharge time. Find more great products like this by checking out our guide to the best golf range finders.


  • 3D analysis of the essentials of your swing
  • Offers personalized coaching programs
  • Battery charge lasts up to eight hours
  • 3-Axis Dual Accelerometer / Dual Gyroscope
  • Can also be used for baseball


  • Impressive battery life
  • Easy to use 360 ​​° analysis
  • Adapts perfectly to either hand


  • Is not as accurate on shorter clubs

4. GAME GOLF Live Golf Swing Analyzer

GAME GOLF Live Golf Swing Analyzer

This is a two-part system from GAME that includes a sensor for the end of your golf club and a portable GPS device that clips onto your belt to automatically capture all the data you need for the basic swing analysis.

It might seem a bit bulky (you also need to have your phone in your front pocket) compared to other trackers in this best golf swing analyzer, but for the price (under $ 100) you get a decent installation.

The GPS pack is very accurate and provides you with real-time automatic tracking of shots, showing the data it collects right on your smartphone. When not in use with its app, the Game Golf is also approved for use in tournaments, so you can keep up with your competitive play too.

The analysis of this smart swing tracker also helps you improve as you practice your game and helps you chart your strategy as you work your way through the course.

There’s also a cool range finder that gives pretty accurate distances to greens, hazards, and ideal landing zones. Check out our guide to the best golf clothing that will help you feel comfortable during the game.


  • Automatic tracking of GPS shots in real time
  • Quick marking system for each of your clubs
  • Instant feedback on your smartphone
  • Rangefinder for precise distances
  • Compatible with IOS and Android


  • Accurate GPS data straight to your phone
  • Good value for money


  • The belt clip may be a little loose
  • Need to get into the habit of tagging in a club

5. Arccos Caddy Golf Game Tracking System

Introducing the next-generation model of the popular Arccos Golf 360, which adds to the features of the 360 ​​to transform the golf swing analyzer into an immediate virtual trainer for players on the go.

Designed specifically for the Arccos Caddy system, this is a neat golf swing tracker that trains you as you play.

It comes with the 14 small but perfectly formed Arccos golf swing sensors that Arccos are known for, one for each of your clubs so you can play and follow every time with minimal disruption to your game.

With the easy-to-use Caddy app, you can get real-time strategies based on your current game. Compatible with iOS and Android, the Caddy app will offer you personalized game plans on the course based on your performance on the previous plan, helping you learn on the pitch. It’s a golf buddy we would like to have! NOT’


  • Automatic tracking and recording of every shot
  • Get a digital replay after every round
  • Provides personal strategies in real time
  • Comes with lifetime subscription to the Arccos Golf 360 app
  • Set includes portable smartphone charger


  • Free Shopping Cart app for personalized feedback
  • A sensor for each of your clubs


  • The app may drain your battery life

Golf Swing & Game Analyzers Buying Guide

Your new golf swing analyzer should be totally up to the performance challenge, which is why we’ve used the following checklist to help you get rid of the sweat and decide which device would be best for you. ‘momentum:

  • Brand and reputation
  • User reviews and first-hand experience
  • Ease of use – especially when you’re in the heat of a practice game
  • the accuracy of the data entered
  • Price and value for money in functionality

When purchasing your new golf swing analyzer, you need to ensure that it is right for you, both in terms of price and functionality and what it can offer your own game.

To help you, we suggest that you consider the following before purchasing an oscillation analyzer:

IOS / Android compatibility

this is essential for efficient and convenient data analysis, and if your golf swing analyzer is not compatible with your device, it won’t be easy to use.

Check that the product you want to buy is compatible with Android and IOS phones and tablets and that it works with your phone.

Attachment Type

The key to an effective golf swing analyzer is improving your performance and not interfering with your game. This makes the attachment of your new golf swing sensor an essential feature to search.

Different devices attach to other places, so choose a golf swing tracer that binds to the location that works best for you. The most typical attachment areas are on the club shaft, the heel, or the golf glove.


The more data a golf swing analyzer can provide, the better. But it’s not just about the information you receive, and it’s also about the quality of its presentation and how easily you can understand it. Interpreting all of this data is essential to improve your swing!

Tracks of Records

You will need to check what information a golf swing analyzer is tracking and its relevance to your own game. However, your swing path, tempo, speed, and angle are the information. He must follow and record essentials to help you analyze and improve your golf swing.

Specifications and Features

The specification level of a golf swing analyzer is a good indicator of what you are getting for your money.

It might look impressive if it has a slew of specs, but if a lot of them aren’t relevant to your game, then it’s probably best to look for another device that does what you want it to do. Along with all the data it tracks, please take a look at its size and ease of use and its accuracy levels, battery life, and build quality.


Additional features on a golf swing analyzer might seal the deal, so shop around to see what you can get more for your money. Other features include 3D graphics, caddy training functions, gyroscopes, body position tracking, and instant feedback.

How to improve your golf swing

Ah, having the Tiger Woods golf swing would be anything! Well, you might not be able to get quite in the same league of professional golfers, but you can improve your swing and increase your enjoyment of the game.

Good golf swing gives you sleepless nights, so in addition to getting extra help from a golf swing analyzer, you need to verify that you have the fundamental techniques. Usually, these are posture, grip, knee bend, backswing, downswing, contact, and tracking.

Get some extra practice, practice, and use feedback from your golf swing tracker, and you should soon see your golf swing technique improve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Swing Analyzer?

A golf swing analyzer can give you a real insight into your game and insider tips and ways to improve yourself that could help you swing like a pro!

Put, a swing analyzer uses a whole range of technology in a device that you can access through a smartphone app, wear it like a glove, or strap it to your club while training or playing.

Depending on the model, it can then assess your swing, speed, pace, and trajectory to give you real-time feedback on your technique. Some even include training modes and 3D visual analysis to help you set up your game.

How can the Swing Analyzer help me improve my game?

Innovative technology makes perfect sense with the range of golf swing analyzers and trackers currently available on the market to let you become your golf trainer.

And with the wealth of data that these golf swing trackers can get as you play or practice, you’ll have loads of information right at your fingertips to help improve your game.

Golf swing analyzers can give you a detailed analysis of everything from club rotation, club speed, the timing of your forward and backward strokes, and even compare your swing to the pros.

And you can save all this data for later viewing on your smart device, as well as access to training programs and coaching advice.

How accurate are golf swing analyzers?

The accuracy of a golf swing analyzer depends on the device or model you choose and the price you are willing to pay.

The simplest swing analyzers are apps that use your phone’s camera to record data while you play and usually offer basic information.
The devices that attach to your club or glove are much more precise and use various sophisticated technologies and sensors to capture information.

The golf swing trackers that attach to your club can be affected by vibration. Still, vibration is minimal, and the data you have received is usually accurate enough to allow you to understand your style of play and practice.

How do I know if my photo has been saved?

If you have live tracking of shots, you can check in to get instant feedback as you play. Many devices require keeping your smartphone in your front pocket to ensure accurate recording.

Do a golf swing analyzer work with both right and left-handed players?

Devices that attach to your club’s top or shaft should work regardless of which hand you’re directing your swing to.

Many models have a removable analyzer for glove-style golf swing analyzers that you can fit over your favorite glove.

When choosing your new golf swing tracker, it is essential to check the product details to make sure it works with your left or right-handed playstyle.

Do I have to keep my phone in my pocket while I play?

If your new golf swing analyzer offers real-time feedback, then keeping your smartphone with you while you play means you can instantly access data and review your game.

This is useful if you want to do games. Adjustments to your swing as you play. For many models, keeping your phone with you also improves the accuracy of the data produced, and for some, this is essential.

Most IOS and Android compatible golf swing trackers can sync with your device so that you can download the data and analyze the post-game through the app on your phone or tablet

Summary Of Best Golf Swing & Game Analyzers

Best Golf Swing Analyzer
Budget Pick1. Arccos Golf Swing and Game Analyzer
Check Price
Best Portable Golf Swing Analyzer
Best Pick2. VOICE CADDIE SC 200
Check Price
Best Budget Golf Swing Analyzer
Staff Pick3. Zepp Golf 2 3D Golf Swing Analyzer
Check Price
Best Affordable Golf Swing Analyzer
4. GAME GOLF Live Golf Swing Analyzer
Check Price
Best Golf Tracking System
5. Arccos Caddy Golf Game Tracking System
Check Price

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