Best Golf Balls For Women for 2024

Golf balls are vital pieces to improve our game, train, and obtain the best results at lower prices than you might think, especially if you bet on recovered balls, which maintain their quality at a significantly lower cost.

In any case, take advantage of your purchase to look for balls that adapt and improve your game with each shot.

If we ask users for the best golf ball of the moment, they will mark the Wilson Staff Dx2 Soft model. These balls feature Wilson’s exclusive design, which improves control sensations with medium compression, helping you travel long distances without ever losing your way.

The recovered Titleist Pro V1 balls premium is your alternative if you prefer something cheaper but of quality. A selected set of balls, duly treated and restored with which you can enjoy excellent hitting and control sensations without having to spend too much.

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Our Recommendation For Best Golf Balls For Women

AwardDesignGolf BallsRetailer
Best Golf Balls For Women
Best Pick1. <a href="">Wilson Staff Dx2 Soft</a>
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Best Golf Ball for Women
Staff Pick<a href="">2. Titleist Pro V1</a>
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Best Budget Golf Balls
Budget Pick3. <a href="">Links Choice Top Flite</a>
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Best Affordable Golf Ball
4. <a href="">Second Chance 100-NIK-BOX</a>
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Best Callaway Golf Ball
<strong>5. <a href="">Callaway Supersoft</a></strong>
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What is the best golf ball of 2024?

New, recycled, for them, golf balls offer us a wide variety of models and designs that are perfect for everyone.

But, since indeed what you want to know is which is the best golf ball of the moment, we will give you some ideas so that you know what you will find on the market. Without a doubt, our selection of the best golf balls of 2022 is efficient in this regard.

Top Best Golf Balls for Women

1. Wilson Staff Dx2 Soft

Best Pick
wilson staff dx2 optix best golf balls for women

So that the ball does not suffer deformations when playing with it, this model provides a compression level of 29.

This translates into good tolerance against the impacts of a service, for example, which are usually made with greater force than those focused on covering a short distance. This quality makes it also possible to use them repeatedly, and their behavior during the flight will remain adequate.

On the other hand, due to its manufacture and characteristics of the core, it is considered a softball; this means that at the moment of the hit, a large area of ​​the ball will come into contact with the surface of the stick, this allows it to reach several grooves of this and therefore it is possible to apply the more significant effect to the blow.

This is used by many players to create a reverse spin when the ball hits the green. On the other hand, it gives a good sense of control in the game, which is very attractive for several players, something that we cannot forget is an integral part of this sport.

This ball features 302 deep enough circular dimples to help reduce friction to provide low air resistance. This can allow the ball to go further with less effort. In addition, its white color will help you locate them more efficiently, so you don’t lose too many balls during the game.

On the other hand, it is a ball built with the purpose that when it lands, its spin is less; in this way, it will not roll inconveniently, exceeding too much the area in which it has fallen.

This can help you get better accuracy if you can get the trajectory in the air just right, but when lowering the ball, you don’t want it to drift so that it may be appropriate for long serves.

Regarding its composition, we must add that this ball model comprises two layers, with a rubber center and an ionomer coating; this makes it more resistant to scratches.


  • It is a ball that offers a good hit experience by providing softness, in addition, due to its compression it can help to achieve greater distance.


  • The surface appearance of the balls after a game is likely to deteriorate, however, they may continue to be efficient.

2. Titleist Pro V1

Staff Pick
Titleist Pro V1 Best Golf Balls for women

Within the recovered golf balls, the Titleist Pro V1 premium proposal is one of the best on the market. These golf balls come from lakes and water traps, having been rescued to maintain the care and quality.

These balls have been duly classified and treated to offer similar sensations, taking the characteristics of the initial balls as a reference. Once chosen, they have been duly washed, stripped, and have been wholly repainted so that they look their best.

This set includes 50 balls at an affordable and attractive price, which is why they have become the best golf balls for value for money at the moment. Ideal for new players and training on the starting bench.

With a wide range of products for golf practice, Titleist has established itself as the best brand of golf balls for many professionals in this discipline, which is why we present the Pro V1 professional balls with their positive and negative aspects to find out if they are the balls you need.


  • Saving: It is an ideal set for beginners or entry-level players that will allow them to practice with high performance without investing a lot of money.
  • Finish: The recovery process of the balls improves the internal and external layer of the same, to achieve a professional finish with a lower cost.
  • Versatile: Because they are different balls, it is ideal for all types of players who want to practice their swings and improve distances in field trips or initial shots.


  • Pro Version: Several customers purchased the product without knowing that they were recycled balls and show their discontent by believing that they bought original balls.

3. Links Choice Top Flite

Budget Pick
top Flite recycled golf balls

Continuing with the recovered golf balls, the Links Choice Top Flite model is another good proposal, which stands out among the most attractive and cheapest.

As usual, these balls have been rescued from water areas, and other complex places on the courses and have received a structure analysis treatment, refined and repainted to offer their best image and characteristics.

As a novelty, these balls correspond to grade A, the highest quality in the range, so that they offer pleasant sensations when playing.

All this without forgetting the blue finish that gives them a different touch and makes them more accessible when looking for them in the field, of course, unless they return to the water.

Suppose you still don’t know which golf ball to buy. In that case, we recommend you review the characteristics of the Links Choice Top Flite, balls recovered with the highest quality standards to provide the best performance to amateur and professional golfers.


  • Grade A: This qualification certifies that the recovered balls are of high quality and were only restructured on the outside since their core remains intact for a good performance in each shot.
  • Colors: They are available in several colors, which is very useful to differentiate yourself from professional players since they are designed for amateurs and beginners in this sport.
  • Price: It has a modest price for a set of 12 balls, and if you are a beginner it will be a good initial investment while you polish your golf skills without spending a lot of money in the process.


  • Colors: Among the available colors is the faint blue and a user affirms that with this color it is difficult to distinguish the ball from the grass.

4. Second Chance 100-NIK-BOX

nike mix golf ball for women

Thanks to recovered golf balls, having quality balls at an affordable price is possible. The advantage of this product is that it comes from grade B Nike brand balls, duly recovered and treated compared to other generic models.

This system has the advantage of offering us a constant product with known behavior so that it is suitable for both newcomers and users who already know how it works.

The Second Chance 100-NIK-BOX golf ball set has a total of 100 units; they have received the usual treatment to offer their best image and performance and incorporate an exclusive marking to identify them correctly. An excellent proposal to maintain a little more control over your golf balls.

This practical set is positioned among customers as the best golf balls for 50$ since it is very cheap compared to other packs that offer 12 units for 20 $. Below we describe its pros and cons.


  • Quantity: This set of 100 balls will give you the peace of mind to spend your free time practicing golf without limitations due to the number of balls.
  • Category: They belong to Class B, which indicates that all the balls are recycled but that they have an efficient performance since they have been recovered from lakes and water traps.
  • Price: It is one of the cheapest sets in the comparison, a smart purchase for beginners.


  • Selection: The selection process could be improved, since out of the 100 balls, an average of 4 somewhat deteriorated balls arrived at several customers.
  • Finish: Several customers suggest that the finish be more homogeneous between the balls, especially the color theme, as they would look better if they all had the same coloration.

5. Callaway Supersoft

callaway golf supersoft golf ball foe women

Although its striking pink exterior design may seem to be talking about balls for women, this is not strictly the case. In this case, we are talking about balls with a soft cut, with 38 compression points, which could effectively pass as balls for women, but can be used by all types of users.

The balls offer longer routes for players who do not apply too much force in long distances, improving their results. In addition, the balls have a straight flight, thanks to their design, which helps improve each shot’s accuracy.

So while many of these features could be found on female models, the truth is that any player can benefit from the control and tight compression of this ball.

It is not easy to choose golf balls because first, you must know the product, so we summarize the pros and cons of Callaway’s Supersoft balls that stand out for their high quality.


  • Smoothness: With a compression level of 38 points, these balls are some of the softest on the market, which translates into greater speed with a lower force impact.
  • Assessment: They are one of the balls with the best rating among customers, as they have shown high performance at the different levels of the most demanding players and have the approval of professional coaches for their softness and performance over distances.
  • Color: The attractive pink color will make you stand out among the players on the field and you can get them quickly because they have greater visibility, but you can also choose from the other colors available.


  • Price: These balls are definitely not the cheapest, which is inconvenient for beginners on tight budgets.
  • Quantity: For some players, a set of 12 balls is not enough

Buying Guide Best Golf Balls For Women

New or recovered balls

When it comes to golf balls, the first element to consider is the ball’s origin. Indeed you have ever read stories of divers who have become millionaires by rescuing the balls that fell into the lakes and other water traps along the route and then selling them duly restored. Beyond the legend, this is a current reality that makes a difference.

In the case of new balls, we will have the advantage, in addition to being brand new, of being able to choose the model and design.

Something that players with more experience and who want a specific model will appreciate, but which is not necessary for the player who is starting now. Above all, because new balls are not as cheap as recovered ones.

The main advantage of the recovered ones is their cost, considering that they have not lost quality in practice since the water only affects their external varnishing.

Generally, this is wholly redone before being lost. The only problem may arise when we have to get hold of a ball whose characteristics and brand we do not know, but which, with a few strokes, we will be able to master appropriately. Therefore, recovered balls are a good and cheap option for our game.

For men, for women or generic

As in other sports, each sex can have a ball adapted to their characteristics in this case. Among the different compression, response, spin, and distance parameters, the fact and the differentiated way of striking between both sexes make the difference. For this reason, in the market, we find personalized balls for men or women.

In the case of men’s balls, they have been designed to absorb part of the force generated in the hit, offering greater control when moving over long distances.

In women’s models, it happens the other way around. The low compression allows you to go further with less hitting force, traveling greater distances on each hit.

These characteristics have a cost, and they may indeed be of interest. But if you prefer, you also have generic golf balls on the market, whose parameters should be known, which do not include the improvements or elements of each sex, but their own, as we will see below.

Product technical parameters

If you are among the advanced users of golf balls, you probably wonder where this section would be. We wanted to leave it for last, as it is the most technical and not always the favorite of newcomers. But it must also be present to be part of the key when choosing.

One of the most critical parameters is the compression factor. This means that the force is distributed in one way or another when hitting.

The higher the compression, the less distance and more control you get when hitting the ball. And conversely, the hit supposes a greater distance in front of the control models, as it happens with the balls for women.

It is also necessary to see the core and external finish format since both elements also mark how the ball behaves when hit.

We are already talking about high-level parameters, but obviously, we must take them into account, especially if we want to improve our game and reduce our handicap.

How to use a golf ball

As we have seen so far when it comes to golf balls, there is a good variety of purchase options available;

Regardless of the type of balls you acquire for your game, it is essential to know how to have the necessary knowledge that allows you to make good use of the product and, above all, make your investment worthwhile.

In this guide, we’ll go through the key elements when it comes to storing, cleaning, and keeping your playset in tip-top condition.

Previous considerations

Although golf balls are designed to last for years, and even decades if cared for properly, you should be aware that even if you take the care steps we present today, the feeling that your balls lose performance over time is almost inevitable.

This is because manufacturers are continually looking for cutting-edge methods to improve the performance of their balls, so if you are still playing with balls that were made years ago, you are likely to experience a feeling of a disappointment compared to more modern balls, which possibly include specific technological improvements. That is why the most dedicated players change their set of balls with a particular priority.

Clean your balls

It is essential to clean your balls after each game because when they are in the field, they acquire dirt; this negatively affects the performance of your game and the aesthetics of the product.

The most common resource that is used to clean the surface of the balls is a small towel with a bit of water, but this combination is only practical to remove superficial stains; with more tough stains, you will need to use other resources such as a special bleach, dishwasher or a white vinegar solution.

Cleaning technique

Apart from knowing what type of substances to use, we also recommend informing yourself in detail about which technique is most appropriate.

Some of the more experienced players put their balls in a compartment inside the dishwasher and put in dishwashing detergent; this technique is recommended for routine washes, but if your balls don’t come out clean after one or two wash cycles, skip to the next tip.

When the dirt marks are very persistent, our recommendation is to submerge the balls in water with white vinegar, ammonia, or bleach and let them rest for about two hours; then, use a towel with clean water to clean the surface.

Storage of your balls

Experts recommend keeping the balls in a closed container or case; this measure is usually enough to keep them in good condition.

There is a popular myth that ensures that keeping the balls in the refrigerator helps keep them longer, but this is not true; It is even recommended to keep these utensils away from environments with extreme temperatures such as the freezer or the trunk of the car during the summer, these temperatures could affect the constitution of the balls and therefore their performance on the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why do golf balls have holes?

Perhaps when you see a golf ball, you have wondered why there are dimples and how many a ball has. These indentations are known as dimples and, depending on the manufacturer; they can vary in quantity so that you can find anywhere from 300 to 500 dimples in each of the small spheres.

Its purpose is not only aesthetic since, on the contrary, they also aim to improve the flight of the ball once the stick has hit it. In this way, turbulence is generated when moving through the air, which is responsible for maintaining its movement for much longer.

It is a principle of aerodynamics, which explains that the sustained flight of an object is possible by air and not gravity, managing to maintain a constant resistance during the trajectory.

Q2: What is the golf ball made of?

You should know that every golf ball is made up of a core, mantle, and cover. For the manufacture of these parts, the materials used by manufacturers vary, depending on the high, medium, or low range of the product. For example, the core can be polyurethane or surlyn, synthetic raw materials.

The elaboration of the mantle is much more varied since it can be made of glass, jute, cotton, silk, linen, boron carbon, metallic or ceramic materials.

In contrast, the cover can be made of resin or polyurethane. Both are pretty tough polymers, but the resin significantly lessens the spin on the ball. In contrast, polyurethane markedly improves grip on contact with the stick.

Q3: How to clean golf balls?

Start by removing some of the dirt by rubbing a soft fiber cloth over them. Next, take a plastic container with water and pour in a generous amount of detergent. Remember that the size of the container will depend on the number of balls you plan to wash.

Submerge the balls in the pot with the mixture and let them soak for approximately ten minutes so that the dirt is removed.

If you wish, you can rub them with a soft bristle brush before releasing the product under running water, preferably using lukewarm water. Finish by drying the balls one by one with a soft and absorbent cloth.

Q4: How to dye golf balls?

To dye your golf balls, you will need paint for professional use, which you can buy at any sports store or specialized website.

If it’s from a can, you’ll need to use a small brush to apply the paint to the ball carefully. During this process, you must be careful so that the finish is uniform and there are no cracks or dimples left unpainted.

Remember to place the balls on a base, so they don’t roll around while they dry.

Summary For Best Golf Balls For Women

AwardDesignGolf BallsRetailer
Best Golf Balls For Women
Best Pick1. <a href="">Wilson Staff Dx2 Soft</a>
Check Price
Best Golf Ball for Women
Staff Pick<a href="">2. Titleist Pro V1</a>
Check Price
Best Budget Golf Balls
Budget Pick3. <a href="">Links Choice Top Flite</a>
Check Price
Best Affordable Golf Ball
4. <a href="">Second Chance 100-NIK-BOX</a>
Check Price
Best Callaway Golf Ball
<strong>5. <a href="">Callaway Supersoft</a></strong>
Check Price

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