Best Golf Balls for Beginners and Mid Handicappers

What is the Best Golf Balls for Beginners and Mid Handicappers? The answer seems obvious: a ball that offers good performance and a reasonable price. However, the reality is quite different since not all players starting to play golf present the same game. Some have more swing speed; others have a very particular swing; some generate a slice, close the ball, go further, etc.

In short, the ball that may be suitable for an amateur player may not be suitable for another, also a beginner. But why is it crucial to get this right?

If any golf fan had asked us in our early days which ball model we would have preferred to use on the course, 99% would have answered that some premium ball, such as the Titleist ProV1 and ProV1x or the TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x and even those of other big brands like Mizuno, Bridgestone, Srixon or Callaway.

And the decision would be totally wrong because the characteristics of the game of a beginner or with a Mid handicap prevent us from correctly taking advantage of the benefits of high-end balls. What’s more, such qualities may play against us.

Being aware of all this, let’s start with analyzing the best golf balls for beginners! We also recommend that you look at the rest of our golf ball guides, such as Best golf balls, Best Golf Balls to play in Winter, or Top lesser-known golf balls.

Few more sophisticated sports exist than golf. A sport that requires patience and technique in equal parts. That is why the balls that are used need the best technology and materials to make the experience of this sport viable.

And it is that golf balls can be very varied depending on their resistance and effect. In fact, not all players use the same type of balls. It will depend on your shot, your handicap, and many other factors that we would like to talk to you about.

That is why we have prepared this buying guide for the best golf balls for you. Since you shouldn’t settle for just any model, we want to give you a series of tips to buy wisely and improve your golf game.

At a Glance:

Our Recomendation For Best Golf Balls for Beginners and Mid Handicappers

AwardDesignGolf BallsRetailer
Best Golf For Beginners
Best Pick1.TaylorMade RBZ Soft
Check Price
Best Golf Ball for Beginners and Mid Handicappers
Staff Pick2. Callaway Erc Soft Triple
Check Price
Best Budget Golf Ball
Budget Pick3. Wilson Ultra Ultimate Distance
Check Price
Best Affordable Golf Ball
4. Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls
Check Price
Best Wilson Golf Ball for Beginners
5. Wilson Staff
Check Price

Why shouldn’t a beginner use premium balls?

High-end balls are designed to be “high compression” balls. What does this mean? It means that they are designed to be hit with a very high swing speed, that is, so that the head of the club that we use, especially that of the driver, hits at a speed greater than 160 km/h, more or less the required to bend a stiff or high stiffness rod.

Why? Because only at such speeds does the premium ball manage to achieve its goal: to contract as much as possible when hitting it, decompress along its flight path, and increase its speed and distance.

Most new players and players with low handicaps do not, as a general rule, reach impact speeds higher than 135-140 km/h (with the driver, since with the irons the speed is reduced by about 15 km/h), which means that they are not able to take full advantage of the advantages offered by these high-end balls.

This translates into a loss of distance and control on each hit, which significantly harms your game!

The solution? Luckily there is a remedy to this problem, and it is none other than to counteract the effects of “high compression,” or what is the same, use a ball with a different compression, use “medium” or “low” compression balls.

But what are these balls? Then we leave you a ranking of the best models according to the experts’ criteria. And no, as much as we like them, the ProV1s are definitely not included.

What have we taken into account in this comparison?

And since each golf ball belongs to its father and mother, you will be interested in knowing these factors to take into account when choosing the best ball on the market:

  • Compression. The stiffness of the ball, which will make it resistant to impacts, will be determined by its level of compression. Depending on your  type of shot , you will need more or less compressed balls. If you have a fast swing, you’ll want to get a  high compression ball .
  • Materials. As we will explain later, the  materials in which the cover, the core and the mantle  of the ball are made will make them more valid for certain types of hits. You should also take this into account.
  • Applications. The use you make of the balls and of this sport will also condition your purchase. If you are not an expert, surely you need games with a  higher number of balls . And if you tend to lose sight of the ball, better get some  bright colors .
  • Layers. Golf balls can have  one, two, three, or even more layers . The more you have, the better, unless you are a beginner. In that case, we recommend balls with fewer layers, because they will be  easier to handle .

dimples The dimples are there to give the ball stability during flight. Except when there is excessive wind. In those cases, balls with few dimples are recommended.

Top best golf balls for Beginners and Mid Handicappers

1.TaylorMade RBZ Soft

Best Pick
TaylorMade RBZ Soft best golf ball for beginners

Taylor Made is another of the greats of this sport. It is one of the best manufacturers of golf balls and ensures quality and durable products. The Rocket Ball Z are softballs that allow great direction and distance control; they are ideal for the short game with irons and inside the green.

The fact that it is a softball allows the ball’s impact with the stick to be much smoother and more fluid with each hit, guaranteeing more precise hits. Many players like that this ball can control spin and distance better, which means more control. The bounces on the green are cushioned thanks to its softness.

Those who buy these golf balls prefer to gain precision instead of distance and rarely change the model after trying it.

In the end, golf is about gaining consistency. It is better to do 100 m in a straight line than 150 m in a slice!


  • REACT core that increases performance with the driver and irons
  • The soft-touch model achieves maximum control.
  • A great touch in the short game
  • Softness for shots to the green
  • The smoothest RBZ ever created


  • A small reduction in distance compared to other models

2. Callaway Erc Soft Triple

Staff Pick
Best Golf Ball for Beginners and Mid Handicappers

It’s an innovative ball with a larger core that amplifies compression energy while minimizing driver spin and promoting high launch over long distances, giving you more power on every shot. The new Triple Track technology helps improve alignment by providing greater precision in placement.

This golf ball features a longer, softer feel due to its multi-material cover, generating faster speeds for longer distances and noticeably higher spin for superior control around the green. It is an option that every fan of the game should have in their bag since it is among the best golf balls on the market.

Please take a look at its availability and price on Amazon.


  • Great performance and quality at an unbeatable price
  • FastLayer core that maximizes speed
  • Low spin design
  • Golf balls for all types of players, from professionals to amateurs
  • They perform quite well on windy days


  • Coverage wears off faster than other balls

3. Wilson Ultra Ultimate Distance

Budget Pick
wilson ultra best golf ball for distance

The Wilson brand offers us this model with a high-energy titanium core manufactured to provide golfers with longer distances on the green because it has high compression that reduces smoothness but provides greater speed. This pack comes with 15 high-quality units to always have on hand at game time.

Thanks to their cut-proof cover, Ultra Ultimate balls are designed for durability and strength; They come in 2 color presentations, white and yellow, which are perfect when it comes to locating them on the field, allowing the player to achieve fewer losses that in the long term will not affect his pocket.

Check the offers of this type of product on Amazon; they always have good prices.


  • Excellent low price for one of the best brands on the market
  • Design with streamlined hexagons
  • Conceived to help players achieve greater distances
  • Different color options


  • The cover can feel a bit stiff for shots to the green

4. Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls

Best Golf Ball for Beginners and Mid Handicappers

Are you afraid of losing balls every time you go to the field? Do you feel deeply upset every time you can’t find the ball?

Don’t worry. We’ve all been through that phase, especially when we’re newbies. The balls that we present to you in the third position are the perfect purchase for beginners and players fond of losing balls. Its sale price is unbeatable, and although the ball itself does not solve a bad shot, of course, it is perfect for you to forget about losing them!

One of its biggest pros is the distance it goes; even the biggest punchers use it. It is a compact ball that will give you solidity and distance in all your shots. It is for sale in several colors, but many choose yellow to see it better!


  • Undoubtedly the cheapest option on the market, unbeatable price
  • Ball designed specifically for beginning players
  • Designed to maximize distances and get the most out of slow swings
  • Perfect to enjoy in the first tours spending little money


  • Its simplified two-layer design may not suit all gamers

5. Wilson Staff

best wilson staff golf ball

If you are already an experienced golfer, this is one of the best options for you. This ball with a rubber core generates very low compression that provides a smooth sensation when making the “swing” it has a double cover for greater control. In the “green.” Thanks to their striking white color, they are handy for quick location.

Its technological design reaches greater distances, greater elasticity, and better speed and generates less spin to optimize the flight range. Despite its low compression, it has enough resistance, ideal for golfers with a high handicap. Its soft ionomer coating allows better precision in the game.


  • Ideal option for players who are just starting out
  • The nice playing feel and playability on short shots and on the green
  • Good flight path due to low compression, high energy core
  • Improved streamlined dimple pattern
  • Superior performance and more power off the tee


  • Stiffer coverage may not appeal to all players

Types of golf balls

As we say, the structure of a  golf ball is much more complex than it might seem. That is why we want you to know well what  types  of balls we can find on the market:

  • One piece:  They are the most used balls in  mini golf . In conventional golf, they have been out of date for years. As their name indicates, they are made of a single material. Although they are  very resistant , they have a  very low effect .
  • Two-Piece:  With a softer cover, two-piece balls manage to maintain the strength of one-piece balls. Therefore,  its use is somewhat more widespread , although professionals tend to prefer more complex compositions.
  • Three pieces:  Even softer and with a better spin, these balls are already beginning to be considered by professionals. In fact, there are several cases of  major tournaments being won with three-piece balls .
  • Four pieces:  Although there are players and fans who do not find too many differences between the three and four pieces, the truth is that these balls offer an  exquisite effect .
  • Five pieces:  These are the most modern  golf balls  and the  most demanded  by professional players. They are ideal for long shots.

Buying guide for the Best Golf Balls for Beginners and Mid Handicappers

We know finding the right golf balls for us is not easy. That is why you should continue reading this buying guide because here, you will find all the necessary tools to make the most of your investment.

Parts of a golf ball

Although golf balls seem simple, the truth is that their composition is quite complex. That is why we want to detail what each of the parts of these balls consists of :

  • Core of the ball:  It is the center of the ball. It is usually made of plastic with liquid or solid filling.
  • Ball Cover:  This is the outside of the ball. It influences the aerodynamics of the ball, relying on the dimples and the manufacturing materials.
  • Mantle of the ball:  It is a thin layer that is between the core and the cover . Depending on the number of layers that the ball has, they can be made of ceramic, glass, carbon… Its purpose is that the ball does not deform with each hit.

Which golf ball to choose according to your handicap?

And it is that the players’ own statistics determine the type of ball they must use. It seems complex, but here we will break it down for you so that you do not miss anything.

What is the handicap?

A handicap is a number that measures the potential ability of a player. The way to calculate it is to subtract the ideal score of the course from the result obtained by the golfer. For example, if you have an 80 shot card on a par 70 course, your handicap will be 10.

  • High handicap players:  Two-layer balls, with a liquid core and a resistant cover.
  • Medium handicap players:  Three-ply urethane-coated balls. I mean: plastic.
  • Low handicap players:  In this case, a multilayer ball with a low compression core is best. It is also important that it has a hard coat and a soft cover.

How to maintain your golf balls

When it comes to keeping our golf balls in good condition, the most important thing is cleanliness.

Although it may seem silly, a dirty ball will not fly the same way as a clean ball, so it is important to remove all those impurities.

To do this, damp cloth and some alcohol will suffice. If you see that the stains are too resistant, you can use a dishwashing product or, directly, immerse the ball in a glass with water and bleach or ammonia.

How to get the most out of your golf shots

Although you have to practice this sport a lot to be a good golfer, we would like to give you a couple of tips that will help you improve your swing.

1. Swing position

The first thing is the position. You should open your legs wide and place them at hip and shoulder height. Then, we will lean slightly forward, bending the knees. The ball should be centered but a little off to the left.

2. Starting a good swing

You will now separate the clubhead from the ball. You will take it to the height of your shoulders, parallel to the ground. We will have to find ourselves coiled up in ourselves.

3. Hitting the ball

With a movement of the hip, we reverse the twist of our body as we lower the club’s position. The movement must be done with a controlled force. Because now we will hit the ball, but the swing will not end here.

4. End of swing

It will be difficult for us to stop the stick’s movement in its tracks. That is why we will have to continue decelerating little by little. When we finish the movement, the stick should be above our head.

Doubts you may have

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a golf ball?

It all depends on the type of player you are. Depending on your swing, you will need one ball or another. You must also attend to your player’s handicap.

What golf ball is recommended for beginners?

The ideal balls for beginners are those with one or two layers. Although it will be more difficult to give them a good effect, the truth is that they are much more resistant balls.

What golf balls do the pros use?

Although each player has their tastes, it is normal for professionals to prefer balls with more complex compositions. That is to say: balls with three, four, or even five layers. They tend to prefer this type of ball because they are more designed to offer a good effect.

How long does a golf ball last?

A golf ball kept in good condition can last a long time. That said, experts say the lifespan of a golf ball will be around 126 holes. Although, as we say, it is only an estimate.

What is the difference between soft and hard golf balls?

In addition to names, the differences between soft and hard golf balls go back some twenty years, when the hardness of the ball’s cover affected flight. Soft golf balls had more spin in the past, while hard surfaces offered better distance.

These differences have blurred with advances in golf ball technology and design over the past two decades.

The manufacturers have taken the best parts of both types of balls and developed a ball that can do whatever it takes. For this reason, very few hard golf balls are now being sold, and if you had to pick one at random from your golf bag, it would definitely be a soft golf ball.

The inside of the ball makes the difference in terms of spin, distance, hang time, and speed. The materials used to construct the ball vary from more expensive to less expensive, and you will feel a difference between hitting a ball off the tee with your driver and hitting the same ball on the green with your putter.

Are more expensive golf balls better?

A question many novice golfers ask themselves when learning about the sport. Surely the more expensive the golf ball, the better the quality, right? Or is it just a myth perpetuated by Big Golf™ to convince suckers to buy their fancy balls instead of the cheap golf balls found on the driving range?

Once upon a time, there was a marked difference between excursion balls (the most expensive) and regular old balls that seemed more suited to miniature golf than a good course.

These excursion balls flew longer, stayed in the air better, and generally provided a more fun game. However, golf ball technology has evolved and changed, and there is now very little difference between professional urethane-coated balls and surlyn balls, if any, off the tee.

That’s right, while you probably won’t see a difference in ball quality at the start of the hole, you could start about 100 yards from the pin. This is where the expensive balls justify their price and will really help you break your high score and get more eagles than using a regular golf ball.

Summary Best Golf Balls for Beginners and Mid Handicappers

AwardDesignGolf BallsRetailer
Best Golf For Beginners
Best Pick1.TaylorMade RBZ Soft
Check Price
Best Golf Ball for Beginners and Mid Handicappers
Staff Pick2. Callaway Erc Soft Triple
Check Price
Best Budget Golf Ball
Budget Pick3. Wilson Ultra Ultimate Distance
Check Price
Best Affordable Golf Ball
4. Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls
Check Price
Best Wilson Golf Ball for Beginners
5. Wilson Staff
Check Price

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