Arccos Golf vs Game Golf – Which Is Best?

Game Golf and Arccos Golf are two businesses you should consider using to keep track of the specifics of your golf game. Arccos Golf is one of the more recent entrants on the market; Game Golf has been around for a while. Both have advantages, and this article will assist you in choosing the one that is best for you.

Arccos Golf vs Game Golf

The sensors that come with both products attach to the top of your club. These sensors keep track of each club swing you make, compiling the information into a stat-heavy presentation of your round of golf. You can learn specifics about your shot distances, game statistics, and other things.

How to Use Your Sensor System

Game Golf

It only takes a few minutes for the system to locate you using GPS after you’ve attached the sensors to the clubs you want to track and have the large sensor on your belt. From here, all you have to do is tap the club’s sensor against the belt’s sensor. This registers the club and keeps track of its statistics. different club being used? You only need to tap that club against the sensor on your belt to start using it.

The illustrious Mark Crossfield walks you through a recap of a couple of guys he used Game Golf to instruct in Vegas in the video down below. Check out the video to see if Mark and the students are learning anything from the system about their game.

Or, if you don’t have the time, I can tell you the outcome: after using the system in conjunction with a lesson from Mark, the students did improve their game in terms of accuracy or distance (or both).

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

Mark Crossfield explains the fundamentals of the Arccos sensor system in the video below, along with the stats and key functionality you will obtain from it. He says that if you want to figure out where in your golf game you’re letting shots go, this is a great system. Additionally, he adds that the data might be a little too realistic for some, which serves to further support the accuracy of the Arccos sensor system.

Instead of using a separate GPS, Arccos makes use of the GPS in your smartphone. Additionally, you don’t have to tap the club against a sensor before using it. We discovered that the Arccos system is more accurate than the other two if GPS accuracy is a concern for you during your round.

One key distinction between the two systems is that Arccos tracks your shots using your smartphone, allowing you to view your stats after each shot if you’d like. The Game Golf system is preferable for shooting your round and checking your overall round stats afterward.


The Arccos 360 golf sensor system does have slightly better accuracy than the Game Golf system, but that comes at a cost. The Arccos system can range from 50%-100% more expensive than the Game Golf system. So which one should you choose? Both systems will work well. Pay a little more to get more accuracy and flexibility, or pay a little less and still get a system which tracks your shots and round well.

Ease of Use

One of the main complaints with the Golf Game system is the tapping. With the Arccos system, you do not need to tap a club to a sensor each time you use it. This means that you never forget to tap the club. Once you get into the habit of it, you will never miss a shot with the Golf Game system, but you do have to be careful. Each time you tap a club, the belt sensor will vibrate to register the tap. If you do that every time, you will be fine, but it can be annoying to miss out on some vital information.

The Arccos system is the easier to use of the two systems. It will automatically record shots without having to be told to record. The only downside of the system is failing to register two different shots from the same place. If you are using the tap method of Game Golf, the system knows exactly when you are taking a separate shot. If you are using the Arccos system and you take a shot with the same club and from the same place (such as being stuck in a bunker), it may automatically register it as a mulligan and count it as only one shot instead of two.

Gamifying Golf

Golf is already a great game, but everyone loves a game to be made more gamey (is that even a word?). If you have the technology at your fingertips and can be a part of something bigger, then why not? Game Golf has the ‘challenges’ feature in its app. You can earn badges and awards for hitting certain goals and stats. There are also some challenges which run outside of the scope of your game.

From time to time, there are challenges like longest drive where people from all over can compete against each other without having to play against each other. These added features add a social feeling to the Game Golf app.

Arccos is a new company, and most of the focus has been on getting the technology right. This is a great thing, and there is a great possibility that at some point the Arccos system will also feature challenges and a social aspect.

Battery Life

The sensors with Game Golf do not need batteries, but the belt sensor does. When fully charged, it will have enough battery life to give you two rounds of golf. Simply plug it into the wall or a USB port to recharge.

The Arccos sensors do need batteries. They use watch batteries in each sensor which are good for a year or two before needing to be replaced. You will need to spend 30 minutes to an hour to replace them all. The Arccos system will also run down the battery of your smartphone as you play. An 18 hole round can use up to 50% of your battery. As long as you start with a charged phone, you will be fine.


These two systems are both very good. Given that they both have advantages and disadvantages, it is difficult to recommend one over the other. The Game Golf system is the more affordable option, and you won’t have to worry about sensor batteries needing to be changed or your smartphone getting too full.

Although more expensive, the Arccos system is the more accurate of the two. More fine-tuning is needed, especially when it comes to changing batteries, for that advanced technology. The main decision you must make is between price and technology. Whichever system you decide on, you will get one that will help you track your progress and make it better.

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