Apple Watch Golf Swing Analyzer – Best Apps 2024

When you are out on the links, you line up your next shot, look at your watch, modify it a little, look at it again, hit the ball, look at your watch again, and then set up your shot again, changing your swing for the following shot. Concerned about the passing of time? No, you are utilising a golf swing analyzer with your Apple Watch (among many other golfing apps).

Apple Watch Golf Swing Analyzer

Since their first debut, Apple Watches have advanced significantly and are a fantastic match for golf. They not only feature an app for everything golf-related, but they also are unobtrusive and fit comfortably on your wrist. You can learn all you need to know about the next green’s lie or your last stroke’s faults by taking a fast check at the screen.

We are going to look at the two most well-liked swing analysis applications that you can use everytime you take a shot.

What is the Best Golf Swing App for Apple Watch?

We have used many apps for analyzing our golf swing, and we have chosen the Zepp and the TrackMyGolf golf swing analyzers. Both are robust and helpful apps. Take a look at what we found and make an informed choice on your next great golf app.

Golf Swing Analyzer by TrackMyGolf

One of the first businesses to realise that cheap sensors could be used to track a golf club’s swing was TrackMyGolf. A swing can be tracked on an Apple Watch just as well, if not better, with the right software. The fact that you do not need to purchase any additional equipment once you have the app (assuming you have an Apple Watch) is the main benefit of both of the apps on our short list.

The Apple Watch will analyse your swing with this app. The app will use AI technology to learn from you as you play golf in order to provide you with better instructions on how to play better golf. The app will use the watch to analyse your swing and give you the necessary information to make it better. The accuracy of the app and watch is one feature we adore. The data may be swung up to 100 times per second without any loss of accuracy.

You will be shown your swing speed and power each time you strike the ball. Additionally, you will be able to see your swing in full 3D animation. The animation can then be turned to view your swing from any direction. When striving to perfect the smaller nuances of your swing, this is crucial.

You may also access your swing power, tempo, swing path, contact angle, swing plane, and swing path. You can then access this data whenever you want and compare your swings or other data over time by having it stored in the cloud.

An internet connection is unnecessary when using the app as a swing analyzer, so you can golf anywhere without being concerned about a relationship. The watch can be worn on your left or right hand without requiring modification. Additionally, because the watch rests on your wrist, you won’t need to be concerned about an attachment to your club that might affect how you play.

Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

Zepp is a pioneer in sports sensors, so it is not surprising that they have entered the golf industry. It is incredibly simple and intuitive to use your app once it has been downloaded and installed on your Apple Watch. To get started and play your game, open the app. You can lift your wrist to view your data after each successful strike of the ball. Your tempo, hand path, and hand speed will appear on your screen as soon as you glance at your watch.

The app lets you create goals. After a stroke, you can check your wrist to see if you are accomplishing those goals. A green number indicates that you are within range of your goal, a yellow one indicates that you need to make improvements there, and a red one indicates that you are not meeting your objective. Setting up goals for your backswing and club plane allows you to modify your objectives as you go.

Swiping right while playing reveals a map of your location, which is another cool feature. Before returning to the main screen to make your shot, you can also change the club you’re holding. You will receive the session’s worth of data once your round is complete. For tempo, hand plane, and hand speed, you will receive consistency scores as well as average scores.

You may track your statistics with this app for both your average round and each shot. The app will also show color-coded consistency numbers, letting you know where you are doing well and where you need to improve.

Michelle Wie, a member of the LGPA Tour, demonstrates the usefulness of the Apple Watch Golf Swing


There are many advantages to using an Apple Watch golf swing analyzer app, and you can’t go wrong with either of these. In addition to the cost savings, we discovered that using an app is also very convenient. You can track its data without moving your sensor to another club. Since the watch is always on your wrist, you receive information for each shot you take.

Your golf game will improve if you download a swing analyzer app for your Apple Watch. The majority of apps are inexpensive, and some are even free. Select the appropriate one, then begin working on your game.

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