My name is Nick Salman, an enthusiastic golf player, not strictly a professional but instead I’m no fledgeling either. I’ve been hitting the fairway now for around 5-years and in that time what I’ve found out about golf I could indeed compose a book.

In any case, at that point, I thought, who even peruses books any longer?

So I made this blog to help other people who were from my point of view 5-years back, get familiar with the ropes, abstain from purchasing wrong items or more all furnish the hitting the fairway circle with somewhat less promotion and all the more truthful information that we golf enthusiasts genuinely need!

I’m generally in the mood for interfacing with different golf players and particularly if you have any inquiries of proposals for the blog I am listening attentively.

Topics That’s I Will Be Covering On The Blog


There is minimal additionally baffling when you’re beginning in another leisure activity than finding the correct solutions to your inquiries. Which is the reason I will concentrate intensely on learner tips and deceives to ensure you get the counsel you have to get you looking flying so far?


My game got a great deal more charming when I welcomed my dad along to play a couple of gaps with me. It turns out he adored it and needed to play much more. Being that he’s resigned he had a lot of free time… the difficulty was, he required unexpected rigging in comparison to I did because of his age and explicit prerequisites.

In this way, for those of you in your senior years hoping to get more from the game, I have you secured.


Most hit the fairway sites I’ve gone over appear to disregard the developing ubiquity of ladies’ golf, and I don’t get why. Golf isn’t about force or speed, however artfulness, persistence, and arranging, qualities which ladies appear to have in more considerable wealth than men.

So in case you’re a woman who’s new to golf or a current player searching for help, we have a lot of articles to help you as well.

Intermediate & Advanced

I would class myself as a transitional golf player; I have an impairment of 20 and have been playing for a long time, a few times each week. So I view myself as qualified to give accommodating guidance to both moderate and progressed golf players.

The Golfnitro is here to give you genuine top to bottom surveys of your most recent hitting the fairway innovation.

We attempt our best to offer top to bottom surveys to help individual golf players settle on the absolute best choice when purchasing golf gear.

The Golfing chap attempts to concentrate more on golf devices like Golf GPS Watches, Laser Rangefinders, Training Aids, and anything indeed golf tech-related.

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Closing Thoughts

Regardless of anything else, we’re all here to learn and improve our game. If you have any inquiries you’d like me to reply or subjects you’d like secured on the blog, you can reach me here, and I will do my absolute best to hit you up inside a day or two (contingent upon what number of rounds I have planned.